J’Nae Morrae is a music producer, pianist & songwriter, with undeniable drive & passion in the Washington, DC music scene.  A Marylander born into a Panamanian household, J’Nae continues to reference an eclectic cultural background that brings about pop-club & hip-hop melodies stimulating to the ears and festive to the body and spirit.

Known for her chord progressions, J'Nae Morrae's musical craft begins before the digital audio workstation.  At the age of three, she was introduced to a piano keyboard as a gift from her parents, which struck great interest in music theory. 

Growing up, she played many other instruments, writing music scores for the piano and accompanied instruments.  It wasn't until her last year of High school that she was introduced to the formerly-known Fruity Loops Studio by a friend, promptly downloading the software to create and jam to her own sound.

As a band-geek-turned music producer, she provides music for the bold souls as they dance to the sound of love & excitement.